LightSpeedRelease Notes

April 15, 2014

Web Store 3.1.4 (Pro)

Themes and customization

  • 2 new themes are available: Monaco, Glencoe
  • A new color is available for the Brooklyn theme: blue
  • Users can now enter Google Fonts link tags through Admin Panel for use in CSS
  • Family (brand) names can now be blended into Products drop-down menu
  • The 3 themes are responsive

Admin Panel

  • Users can now enter Social Media account links to be used in themes
  • Header images now uploaded using new Theme Gallery
  • A new and improved look for the Admin panel
    • Includes a button to go to the live site
    • Menus have been reordered for easier navigation
    • DB menu is now under System
  • Amazon Seller Central can now be set to check for new orders with an adjustable date range
  • Amazon Seller Central product uploads can now be restricted using product tags
  • Displaying the Family (brand) on the product details page can now be enabled/disabled in Admin Panel
  • Custom.css can now be edited directly in Admin Panel

Custom Pages

  • Custom Pages can now be added to Products drop-down menu
  • Custom Page tagged products can now be displayed in product grid instead of slider


  • Moneris simple integration module is now available to process payments

Theme Development

  • Theme designers can now design full theme administration panel to offer users unlimited options
  • Theme designers can now specify Google Fonts to be loaded on a per-theme basis
  • Theme designers can now use a color wheel picker to set RGB values for theme customization


  • Customer login now uses a separate form instead of a popup box for extra security

Developer notes

  • Added Gallery::ImageList($id) static function for returning uploaded image list (Note id 1 is reserved)
  • Yii framework updated to 1.1.14
  • wsconfig.php file in /config is no longer used. Existing file can be deleted.
  • New Image Gallery available for user-uploaded images.
  • Header image in a custom _header.php should now be referenced as $this->pageHeaderImage.
  • Theme designers who have a custom copy site/_navigation.php must replace Category::GetTree() with $this->MenuTree which can also can be used with any CMenu object for new combined menu.
  • New login form requires path change in customized theme. Backwards compatibility has been built in but will be removed in version 3.2, please make change now.
    • In any customized copy of _header.php, the code:

      <?php echo CHtml::ajaxLink(Yii::t(‘global’,'Login’),array(‘site/login’),
                                  array(‘id’=>’btnLogin’)); ?>

      Should be replaced with

      <?php echo CHtml::link(Yii::t(‘global’,'Login’),array(‘site/login’),
                                  array(‘id’=>’btnLogin’)); ?>


  • PHP 5.3.27 and above now check for valid timezone in PHP.ini
  • Corrected an issue in Amazon import files which could error on installation
  • Corrected issue where 2.x databases would fail to upgrade if a destination has an erroneous tax code.
  • Corrected a rare SQL error while importing countries in certain environments
  • Install will now validate email addresses for proper formatting
  • User is now alerted if they enter an admin email but no admin password.
  • Admin account can now be set up during initial installation for external access

Bug Fixes

  • Installer will now check for valid formatting of email address
  • Sub-categories with out-of-stock products will now properly disappear
  • Promo Code restrictions will now respect keyword tags
  • Admin Panel Reset Password now functions as expected
  • Long product descriptions are no longer truncated in the Product Grid
  • Quantity Discounts are now respected
  • Product drop-down now easier to navigate in Brooklyn Dark
  • Fixed installer failing in rare environments with incorrect sql table definitions
  • “Remove unchanged files from selected theme” now functions as expected
  • Slashed pricing will now display properly for Matrix products and Tax-Inclusive Web Stores
  • Google Merchant and Sitemap XML feeds will now generate on certain Web Hosts
  • Customers will now receive receipts when the BCC field is set in the admin panel
  • All required fields on Checkout page now properly marked with asterisk
  • Product Description no longer truncated when uploading to Web Store Database
  • Cancelling a PayPal payment will no longer result in a foreign key constraint error
  • Unassigning a family in LightSpeed Pro will now remove the product associations on the Web Store Database
  • Google Merchant Feed no longer duplicates the subdirectory for image links
  • Terms and Conditions will now properly display on Checkout
  • Custom Pages will now function properly if they share a name with a Web Category
  • PayPal Pro module no longer sends 3-decimal places to PayPal
  • Payment info fields will no longer disappear from Checkout page
  • Matrix products with the size or colour of “0″ will now display on Web Store
  • Image Background Colour Fill now respects formatting validation
  • Error message for advanced module payments failing has been made more descriptive
  • Confirmation buttons in Google Chrome will now display properly
  • Promo Codes can now be created with some special characters
  • Product Colours and Sizes that contain an ampersand no longer break the Google Merchant feed
  • FedEx will properly display “Ground Home Delivery” when the address is residential
  • Facebook App Secret/Secret Keys that begin with a letter will now function as expected
  • Hosted customers can now upload header images through the Admin Panel
  • Custom Payment modules are now recognized for hosted customers on the common shared core
  • XSS vulnerabilities in Wish Lists have been addressed
  • Language configurations in Custom Pages are now functioning properly
  • Admin Panel will now validate email addresses when using Safari
  • Products can now be deleted from the Web Store when they haven’t been used in any orders
  • Web Store can now handle category names greater than 64 characters
  • Successful orders will no longer be created when the Web Store receives a “Declined, duplicate” response from MerchantWARE Online
  • Amazon orders no longer double product price on orders with a quantity greater than 1
  • Unpaid orders that are manually completed in Web Store are showing as incomplete

April 10, 2014

LightSpeed Pro 3.9.6


  • Fixed a case where users could not print owing invoices from StoreMaster
  • Improved French translations on receipts
  • Creating a matrix from a product with a photo no longer results in child products without GL accounts
  • Improved performance for Accounts Receivable on Date report
  • Updated OpenSSL library to address Heartbleed

March 20, 2014

LightSpeed Pro 3.9.5


  • LightSpeed Pro 3.9.5 now requires OS X 10.7 or higher
  • Support payload tool now has a GUI in LightSpeed Server preference pane


  • Fixed a case where Inventory Report (Apple GDV) could time out
  • Emailing a receipt from the POS correctly displays fine print information
  • Corrected a rare case where tax for an invoice line item would not display when a cash payment is applied
  • Updated “Print Invoice if Unpaid” privilege to “Finish Invoices if Unpaid”

Payment Processing

  • Axia: Fixed an issue where cardholder data was not being transmitted
  • Merchant Warehouse: refund payments save the auth code successfully


  • Size/Color Matrix relationships are now read/write via API
  • Product Tax Status is now read/write via API
  • Fixed an issue where product costs written via API would not display in product card


  • Matrix child products no longer need to be set to “not visible individually”

March 04, 2014

Cloud Update: Blueshift

This is the release all our legacy customers have been waiting for: Admin or Owner-level users can now switch to the LightSpeed Cloud UI at any time. This allows all our customers who have been using the old UI to switch over and get access to the iPad App, Web Store, and of course the sleek new interface!


  • Customers can now switch to the LightSpeed Cloud UI
  • The “Work Order” screen has been restyled
  • The “Add New Customer” screen has been restyled
  • Legacy accounts now support 100% discounts
  • Support for jewellery labels added
  • Minor fixes to the “Getting Started” process
  • Help link now properly redirects to the support pages
  • The System tab will no longer appear on customer accounts
  • Image uploads will now be handled more gracefully
  • The “Birthdate” field for new customers being added to work orders now has a right-hand border


  • The Web Store tab will now properly appear on the iPad
  • iPad credit card receipts will now correctly print a customer copy


  • QBP integration fixes were made to PO uploads
  • Google SSO logins are now working as intended
  • Quickbooks exports will now respect multiple tax rates
  • Fixes to the logic of some API control classes
  • API Documentation updated for Web Store fields

 Web Store

  • Non-admin employees no longer see the “Web Store” tab on the navigation bar
  • The Web Store tab of an Item Details page will no longer occasionally lock up the screen
  • Web Stores may now be created with a hyphen in the name

A blueshift is a physical phenomenon wherein there’s a decreasing wavelength (increasing frequency) of radiation. In visible light, this shifts the perceived colour towards to blue end of the spectrum. Most commonly caused by the relative motion of the observed object towards the observer, as described by the Doppler Effect.

We felt the term was appropriate for this release as moving to the LightSpeed Cloud UI will quite literally be a blue shift for our legacy customers!

February 18, 2014

Cloud Update: Aurora

Our latest release for LightSpeed Cloud is Aurora.

Packed with several Web Store updates, including the long-awaited Custom Domain support, Aurora focuses on streamlining the navigation, activation and setup of your Web Store with LightSpeed Cloud!


  • Cash drawers will now open before waiting for the entire receipt to be printed


  • Shopify integration updated to support Shopify’s new OAuth API requirements
  • A hotfix was made to properly sync items and orders with Shopify
  • QBP integration fixes were made for order submission and catalog sync

 Web Store

  • Web Store tab in the main navigation pane now allows easy access to trials, setup and links to the Web Store and Admin Panel
  • Several fixes focused on activation and synchronization have been made
  • Custom Domains are now supported with Web Store and LightSpeed Cloud on all non-SSL pages, (i.e. SSL pages will always use the domain.

February 04, 2014

Cloud Update: Azimuth

Presenting: Azimuth, the latest update for LightSpeed Cloud. It comes with several fixes to integrations and UI elements, as well as plenty of smaller bug fixes and a complex technical reasoning for the name!

Bug Fixes

  • Closing counts will now print the correct time
  • Customer notes can now be saved within the Register
  • Quote numbers will no longer show up on receipts that aren’t for quotes
  • Notes will now print on Work Order quotes
  • Attempting to add a duplicate Tax Class to a Sales Tax will result in an error message
  • Archived items that get checked-in from a PO will be un-archived automatically


  • QBP integration is now updated for all customers.
  • The API will no longer delete objects and will instead archive them
  • The Specialized Import / Sychronize Invoice features are now working as intended
  • Orders downloaded from Shopify are now completing quotes properly

User Interface

  • The left menu bar will no longer toggle on or off when adding line items to the Register
  • The keyboard shortcut for the time clock is now displayed as F11
  • The Getting Started tutorial will now properly respect the “Don’t Show Again” selection
  • The require PIN screen on Work Orders will no longer get stuck open
  • Signature line will now print on Gift Card purchases when paid for with a credit card
  • Getting Started tutorial will no longer give all users access to Subscription Setup

 Web Store

  • Web Store accounts no longer have synchronization issues caused by replication delays between east and west coast servers
  • Web Store will no longer have activation errors when provisioning accounts with temporary users
  • Web Stores can now be de-provisioned by LightSpeed to completely clean out the account and free the reserved URL

Azimuth is our first release using our new naming scheme, based around astronomical terms. An azimuth is a measurement used in spherical coordinate systems, representing the angle in degrees between the projected vector of a point of interest and a reference vector on a horizontal plane projected perpendicularly from the observer.

When used in an astronomical sense, the azimuth represents the direction to a celestial body from a point of reference. The azimuth can also be referred to as the bearing to an object.

As our first release to LightSpeed Cloud of the new year, we’ve allowed ourselves this moment to take our own bearings and reflect on our position before venturing onwards to discover what 2014 will bring.

January 14, 2014

LightSpeed Pro 3.9.4


  • Fixed an issue where invoices created in the POS could have an erroneous timestamp


  • Downloaded “No Tax” orders no longer apply incorrect tax
  • Fixed an issue where some products could be incorrectly categorized upon upload
  • Images are now uploaded with shorter names
  • Update Store process no longer resets default product listing in Magento Admin Panel
  • Customer cards in LS take into account the Company setting
  • Fixed a product upload recursion error
  • Matching customer email address is no longer case sensitive
  • Matrix child products no longer need to be set to “not visible individually” when uploaded to Magento
  • Re-arranged product images are reflected correctly in Magento

January 13, 2014

Cloud Update: Bronze, Part II

Things sure are happening in the Clouds. Today we present Bronze, Part II. Cloud goes e-commerce! Yes, you read that correctly. Customers can now use LightSpeed Web Store with LightSpeed Cloud. And we’ve created three beautiful new Web Store themes for the occasion.

LightSpeed Web Store for Cloud allows you to:

  • Consolidate online and offline inventory, sales and reporting into one system, helping you identify opportunities to move inventory across channels in real-time to fulfill demand
  • Access product information from a browser or an iPad app, allowing your sales staff to answer customers’ questions on the spot and help them find exactly what they want
  • Easily extend your store online through an easy to set-up web-store, integration with 3rd party email services, and the ability to instantly update products including images, descriptions, promotions and discounts. Achieve lower cost of ownership by using one system versus several systems that may need custom integration and additional manpower to work properly (Web Store for Cloud pricing is a simple monthly fee, starting at $49 per month)

This release is the second part of a two part release, which includes the option of uploading images to LightSpeed Cloud, and the option to use the LightSpeed Web Store platform with LightSpeed Cloud.

As we mentioned in our Bronze, Part I post, the reasoning behind the name of this two part release was carefully chosen: Bronze is an alloy consisting primarily of copper, usually with tin as the main additive. It is hard and tough, and it was so significant in antiquity that the Bronze Age was named after the metal. Bronze is the brand combination of two core products at LightSpeed - Web Store and LightSpeed Cloud - making them stronger, more competitive and is – as the Bronze Age was – ubiquitous for the age of commerce.

January 08, 2014

Cloud for iPad 1.1.1

We released Cloud for iPad 1.1.1 today, a minor update.

Key fixes: 

  • Added support for viewing item images
  • Improved battery life for uDynamo card swipe
  • Improved support for Socket barcode scanners
  • Version number now displayed in System Preferences
  • Videos are now accessible through Help screen

December 12, 2013

Cloud Update: Bronze, Part I

Here it is in all it’s glory, the moment Cloud customers have been waiting for. Drumroll please…

We present to you, LightSpeed Cloud Bronze. Cloud now has the option of uploading images, just like it’s brother, LightSpeed Pro. We won’t carry on anymore, we’ll just let you get on with it.

Key features:

  • Images. Cloud has them. Users can now add up to 12 images per product via the iPad or Browser, and manage – add, remove or reorder – the images from the product detail.
  • Inventory Imports now support ‘per shop’ reorder points & levels.

Key fixes:

  • Serial Numbers screen will now load more than just 15 records.
  • Closing Counts printout now knows how to perform arithmetic and will print out the correct +/- results.
  • Receipts will now correctly display taxed subtotals. Even if the items are in different tax classes, Cloud is on it.
  • That Email icon button is there now in the Register screen under Recent Activity.
  • Keyboard shortcut icon restored. Give it a click on the bottom right. You know you want to.

Bronze is an alloy consisting primarily of copper, usually with tin as the main additive. It is hard and tough, and it was so significant in antiquity that the Bronze Age was named after the metal. Bronze is the brand new combination of two core products at LightSpeed, stay tuned for Part II of this release, coming to you shortly.