LightSpeedRelease Notes

July 18, 2014

Web Store 3.1.9



  • Customers must opt in to mailing list option: This option determines whether the “Allow Us To Send You Emails About Our Products” option, which appears during customer registration and check out, is enabled or disabled by default. When set to ON, the option is disabled by default and a customer must enable the option to opt in to the mailing list. This is particularly useful for Canadian merchants who need to comply with CASL requirements. This option is available in Admin Panel > Customer Registration.


Bug Fixes

  • Brooklyn Theme: Corrected an issue where the footer was not auto adjusting when store information was displayed on multiple lines
  • Portland Theme: Improved the usability of the search field and advanced search button
  • Portland Theme: The layout of the checkout form has been reviewed and improved
  • Amazon Integration: Corrected an issue where sub-categories would not load for some Amazon categories in Admin Panel > Integration > Match Amazon Categories to WS
  • Matrices: Child products in matrices will now automatically use the parent’s image for the cart thumbnail if no image has been uploaded for the child
  • Matrices: Corrected an issue where single attribute matrices would show a broken image and no description if the user removed the selection made for the attribute

July 18, 2014

Cloud Update: Hubble



  • Credit card receipts will now print summarized version, not two full copies
  • Credit card receipts will cut between store and customer copy
  • Reply-to email address is now, this will allow shops with AOL or Yahoo accounts to email receipts, POs, etc. from Cloud
  • Adding multiple items to a Purchase Order using multi-select will now return you back to the order
  • USB scanning speed has been improved
  • Customer specific Sales Tax will now apply in LightSpeed Cloud for iPad
  • Users can now rename custom fields
  • Custom Fields will now display on New Item screen
  • Custom Fields “Get Started” page will no longer pop up after you’ve created custom fields
  • Custom Fields can be sorted by headers
  • Expired accounts can now be logged into


  • QBP Catalog now syncing
  • Hawley catalog now syncing
  • Accounts will no longer get stuck in between modes when switching between menu types
  • Items with a different tax class than the default rate will be taxed accurately
  • Custom Field checkbox types will behave as expected and not just use default values
  • Fixed a UI bug relating to release notes
  • Fixed an issue which could have allowed unauthorized XSS input



  • Importing the same UPC or EAN twice through the API no longer possible
  • Removing a discount through the API will now work
  • API can now calculate what’s in a cash drawer

Known Issues:

  • Any pre-existing Custom Fields with checkboxes might not function correctly and should be archived and recreated
  • We will be setting the reply-to address to in the future
  • In Custom Fields, filtering by Archived behaves the same as filtering by ALL

July 09, 2014

LightSpeed Pro 3.9.8



  • Updated OpenSSL
  • Improved performance of Inventory Valuation by Date report
  • Invoice modification timestamp is now updated when posted or unposted
  • Invoice modification timestamp is now updated when applying any payment type
  • Receiving serial numbers on a PO with more than 4096 total characters no longer causes a crash


  • Carry-in repairs no longer fail due to consignment flag

Web Store

  • Improved Web Store uploader performance and connectivity
  • Fixed a time zone issue which may have affected connectivity for international users

Magento Connector

  • Magento Connector is now compatible with PHP 5.4

June 27, 2014

Web Store 3.1.8


  • Single Attribute Matrices (Cloud Web Stores) - Users can now show matrix products with only one attribute such as color or size on their Web Store. On the product details page only one drop-down appears to allow shoppers to pick the desired option.
  • Matrix child products inherit their parent images automatically - Child products in matrices will now automatically show the parents’ images if none have been uploaded for the child.

Bug Fixes

  • Download flag - The checkbox for flagging a downloaded order to download again in the Admin Panel under System > Database Admin > Downloaded Orders is now functioning properly.
  • Shipping Charges - Corrected an issue where shipping would not be charged to the customer in certain circumstances.
  • CVV verification - Corrected an issue where credit cards that have a CVV number with a leading ’0′ would fail to process payments.
  • Unpaid Orders - When an unpaid order has been changed to paid status on admin panel, the order will be moved over to pending orders as expected.
  • Monaco - The payment confirmation screen has been reviewed and the layout has been fixed.
  • Monaco - The product detail page has been fixed and the secondary images are now aligned properly.
  • Email Receipt - Corrected an issue where email receipts would be missing the store header in certain circumstances.
  • Security - Customers using Beanstream Simple Integration for payment processing can now use hash validation to verify the authenticity of the payment process request/response.
  • Performance - More optimization has been done to the product category menu creation to speed up the page load. Page loading has been improved especially for stores with large number of categories and products when the “Display Empty Categories” option is off. More improvement will be done in the next release.

June 23, 2014

Cloud Update: Gravity


  • Custom Fields Beta is available! We will be rolling out access and all accounts will be available by Wednesday June 25
  • Users can switch back to the drawer menu in lieu of the fly-out branded menu
  • Price Rules can now be applied to multiple shops and customer types
  • The latest LightSpeed Scanner firmware is now supported
  • API and Advanced Reporting updates

Bug Fixes:

  • Closing Counts have been updated to show Employee info
  • Several receipt template updates
  • Sales will no longer be able to create duplicate payments
  • BCC field now works when emailing Work Orders
  • PIN now works properly when checking out a work order
  • Searching for customers in Work Orders now works as expected
  • Shopify and SmartEtailing bug fixes

June 10, 2014

Web Store 3.1.7

Important Message for third-party hosted Web Stores

For customers that use a hosting provider other than LightSpeed to host their Web Store, the next version of Web Store requires the pdo_sqlite library to be installed on your web server prior to upgrading. Although this library may already be installed on your web server, we highly recommend that you verify if the library is installed in preparation for the next release of Web Store.

To verify if the pdo_sqlite library is installed, after upgrading to 3.1.7, go to your Web Store URL and append /install.php?check to the end of the URL. For example, if your Web Store URL is, the modified URL would be www.example .com/install.php?check . The library is installed if “pass” appears for the pdo_sqlite library in the list. If the library is not installed (“fail”), please have your hosting provider install this library on your web server.

Bug Fixes

  • General: Corrected an issue with an incorrect path referencing custom XML modules
  • General: When the current user is an unregistered guest, product grid should display prices using the system default tax inclusive price setting
  • General: Corrected an issue where SOAP debugging would conflict with image uploading
  • Checkout: Corrected an issue where a new customer record is created in the database every time the checkout happens
  • Checkout: Corrected an issue where an incorrect error message would be displayed to guest users for declined transaction using Beanstream
  • Shipping: When product shipping restriction using keywords is enabled, the matching of the keywords will work in case-insensitive manner
  • SSL: Corrected an issue with some pages using the domain name instead of the custom one
  • Install: Corrected an issue where database credentials were not sanitized
  • Install: Corrected an issue where Skipping email SMTP setup in Install License Wizard would create an error
  • Performance: Optimized product category menu creation to speed up the page load. Page loading has been improved especially for the sites with large number of categories and products when “Display Empty Categories” option is off. More improvement will be done in the next release

June 05, 2014

Cloud Update: Fireball


Bug Fixes:

  • Search field comes into focus automatically on the Item Listing View
  • Improvement to Email Receipts template
  • Clicking on multiple tabs no longer navigates away from current view
  • Shop logo now appears on lock screen
  • Certain error messages will now stay on screen until dismissed
  • Vendor drop down is no longer limited to 1500 vendors
  • Items with a $0.00 price will once again prompt for a price adjustment when added to the sale screen
  • Image grid view improvement
  • QBP Item Availability feature now working
  • OAuth Improvements
  • Fixed issues with Partner Integrations

May 15, 2014

Web Store 3.1.6

Admin Panel

  • Amazon integration: Product image upload to Amazon MWS can now be disabled through the use of tags. This is accomplished by adding a tag as part of the product’s information, and then entering that tag in Admin Panel > Integrations > Amazon MWS Settings (“Do not upload product images with the tag” option).
  • Users can now preview a theme without affecting their live Web Store by clicking Preview under the theme in Admin Panel > Themes > Manage My Themes.
  • New site access warning feature: When this feature is enabled, a customizable access warning message appears for every customer that visits your Web Store. This is especially useful for Web Stores with customer-sensitive content. This new feature is accessible in Admin Panel > Store Settings > Access Warning.

Bug Fixes

  • Custom Pages: Fixed an issue whereby custom pages with non-English characters or special characters were not loaded properly.
  • Promo Codes: Duplicate promo codes can no longer be created.
  • Checkout: When a customer checks out as a guest, the correct tax code will now be applied according to the shipping address provided.
  • Facebook integration: Fixed an issue with Facebook integration that displayed an error message when the Web Store was in maintenance mode.
  • Localization: Fixed an issue with categories not showing under the translation menu.

May 06, 2014

LightSpeed Pro 3.9.7



  • Receipts printed from LightSpeed for iPad now reflect default field translation set
  • Date format is now uniform for receipts printed in any supported language


  • Fixed an issue where products with more than 1 cost would not replicate

May 06, 2014

Cloud Update: Eclipse


Release Notes:

  • New branded menu experience
  • Fixed usability issues with back button
  • Work Orders can now be emailed to customers
  • Updated Tutorial page
  • Added page selector to reports
  • API enhancements

Bug Fixes:

  • Remove Tax2 from receipts when it’s not preset
  • Column headings are better aligned in listings
  • Fix issues with Partner Integrations
  • Fix Timezones being set incorrectly
  • Fixes to PIN login