Multi-Store POS Systems for Retail

Multi-StoreConnect multiple locations with confidence.

Offer big-box conveniences and
personalized service across your chain.

Multi-Store Point of Sale Made Easy

LightSpeed Pro's easy-to-configure and simple-to-maintain multi-store POS functionality allows retailers to expand to multiple locations with confidence and offer big-box conveniences and personalized service to customers.

Inventory Transfers

Authorized staff can transfer stock between locations on fully-documented transfer transactions.

Inventory Lookups

Perform live product lookups in other stores from the POS or Browser, with full visibility into available inventory as well as reserved inventory or inventory in warehouses.

Need more advanced functionality?

Subscribe to Multi-Store Pro to offer customers additional cross-store conveniences and generate cross-store reports.

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Multi-Store Pro

Enhance your chain effortlessly

Multi-Store Pro is LightSpeed's powerful suite of point of sale tools for retailers with multiple stores. It is licensed for each individual store location that wishes to activate the Multi-Store Pro feature set.

Product & Supplier Replication

Products and suppliers are created in a designated 'master' database and are automatically replicated to 'child' location databases. Product attributes and any subsequent changes are also replicated, dramatically reducing the amount of time needed to maintain inventory data and ensuring consistency in how product information is entered into LightSpeed Pro.

Cross-Store Reporting

Cross-store sales reports allow business owners and managers to generate consolidated reports on sales performance across the chain. Cross-store inventory and valuation reports allow purchasers to know where inventory is distributed to make rapid, critical decisions regarding buying or transferring stock.

Cross-Store Gift Cards

Allow customers to use their gift cards anywhere in your chain. Store databases communicate with one other to authorize the transaction in real-time to prevent user error or fraudulent re-use.

Cross-Store Returns

Allow customers to return goods in another location. Store database communications ensure that returns affect the transaction record of the return in both stores in real-time.

Import/Export Store Configuration

Set up new locations consistently and in record time by importing your existing store configuration into the fresh LightSpeed Pro database of your newest store.

How is Multi-Store Pro licensed?

Multi-Store Pro offers its feature set on a subscription basis, which is renewed annually and includes improvements and optimizations to the features listed above that are released during the 12 month term of the subscription.

Purchasing Multi-Store Pro is not mandatory. Chains can decide whether they need the new functionality and can upgrade at any time. Licenses include a date stamp that activates the feature set until the subscription requires renewal. Inventory Lookups and Inventory Transfers between stores will continue to function without a purchase of Multi-Store Pro.

Annual Subscription Pricing

Based on cost-per-store
1-4 LightSpeed Pro user licenses
per store location
5-14 LightSpeed Pro user licenses
per store location
More than 15 User Licenses
per store location