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Like no other retail point of sale system before it, the LightSpeed Mobile POS enables your sales staff to bring the retail experience to your customer.

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Introduce a revolutionary personalized retail experience to your store or chain.

Like no other retail POS system before it, LightSpeed Pro Mobile POS enables your sales staff to bring the retail experience to your customer. Meet your customer in a whole new way by sparking personal relationships that cultivate customer loyalty. Get to know them in one-on-one interactions, learn best how to meet their needs, and capture their excitement by making purchases a breeze. Meet your customer, decrease transaction times and improve your bottom line with LightSpeed Pro Mobile POS system.

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Sales in the palm of your hand

LightSpeed Pro Mobile POS is the mobile retail extension to the next-generation LightSpeed Pro point of sale system for Mac that transforms the way retailers sell to their customers using the same mobile pos hardware employed by Apple in its highly-acclaimed retail stores.

Personalized Retail POS

It offers stores a true advantage over competitors with an alternative to traditional retail systems and long, impersonal line ups at the cash register. Retail sales staff can use our mobile POS to connect to a LightSpeed Pro database and process sales anywhere in the store with an iPod Touch or iPhone.

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Seeing is believing. Try LightSpeed in your store today.

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LightSpeed Pro Mobile POS offers the ability to:

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Vert and Vogue opened its doors in 2008, and combines Ryan and Nadira's passion for elegant European fashion and eco-friendly, sustainable business practices. Having opted to manage their business with LightSpeed from the very beginning, they knew that they had made the right choice when they saw their employees easily picking up the software, processing transactions immediately, with very little training necessary.

LightSpeed’s phenomenal support team has been there for us, resolving issues all along the way. Using LightSpeed has given us the confidence we need to thrive!
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The Complete Mobile POS Software Solution

Invoices and payments are saved in LightSpeed Pro, which includes backend retail management features like purchasing and reporting in a comprehensive and easy-to-use Mac desktop application. LightSpeed Pro is the next-generation point of sale system that combines Mac innovation with powerful business logic to offer comprehensive and easy to use tools for retail stores. Its streamlined interface gives a clear overview of your single or multi-store operations, saving you time and giving you absolute control over your business.

With a back-office Browser that simplifies purchasing and inventory management, a touchscreen-optimized POS for fast front-counter sales, and a tightly integrated Web Store for selling online, LightSpeed Pro is the complete retail point of sale solution. And now with LightSpeed Pro Mobile POS system, you can offer your customers a revolutionary new personal retail experience that will enhance interactions and help them find and purchase the products they need faster than ever before.

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LightSpeed Pro and LightSpeed
Pro Mobile POS

Teamwork in Action

LightSpeed Pro Mobile POS system gives retailers the option to complete the entire sale, from product lookup to invoice to credit card payment, on an iPhone or iPod touch; or, if the customer is paying by an alternative method, to initiate the sale on the handheld, and then dispatch the invoice to a LightSpeed Pro sales station to complete the sale.

LightSpeed Pro Mobile allows users to access existing customers, or create or edit new ones, right from a mobile device. It can also print receipts via LightSpeed Server to Star Micronics printers. By bridging the mobile and desktop clients, LightSpeed Pro and LightSpeed Pro Mobile offer a truly unified solution for store owners that saves time and helps them provide a level of customer service that their competitors cannot.

Seeing is believing. Try LightSpeed in your store today.

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Scan & Swipe

Mobile sales anywhere, anytime

Purchase the LightSpeed Pro Mobile POS Hardware Kit and connect the included Linea-pro hardware to an iPod Touch to add the ability to scan product barcodes and swipe credit cards, allowing you to offer your customers an efficient, personalized shopping experience. Once the payment is approved, customers simply sign on-screen and receive their receipt instantly by email.

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Purchasing LightSpeed Pro Mobile POS

Step 1 is to download the app from iTunes. Of course, you'll need a LightSpeed Pro database to log into, so check out the hardware and license options below for the bundle that suits your situation. Do you already have enough licenses to accommodate extra users on LightSpeed Pro Mobile? Do you want to add a license or two to make sure that your mobile devices always have access? Or maybe you're new to LightSpeed Pro, and you want to take advantage of the savings you can get by purchasing hardware and license options together.

Whatever your business, LightSpeed has the solution for you!

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LightSpeed Pro 3.6 installation or demo required.