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Need to extend your LightSpeed Pro Support?

Purchase a Maintenance Plan

Need to extend your LightSpeed Pro Support?

What Do I Get When I Purchase a Maintenance Plan?

With every new purchase of LightSpeed Pro, customers receive access to 30 days of telephone support and 30 days of free upgrades. Customers will continue to always have access to all updates and bug fixes to the version of the product they purchased. To continue to receive support and upgrades after the initial 30 day period, LightSpeed offers a Maintenance Plan.

12 Month Maintenance Plan

Benefits of the Maintenance Plan

LightSpeed Pro Upgrades

We make upgrades to our software several times a year, with smaller updates delivered with even greater frequency, as we bring new functionality to the LightSpeed product family and rapidly incorporate customer requests.*

Keeping your LightSpeed Pro installation up-to-date and on the leading edge is easy with the plan.

Emergency Support

LightSpeed Pro Support provides emergency after-hours assistance to customers with a valid Support and Upgrades subscription.

Please Note: All support requests are handled on a prioritized basis and not all support services may be available during these times.

Peace Of Mind

Your emergencies become ours. Nothing is worse than having something go wrong and having to wait a day to process a Maintenance Plan.

Employee Access

Your employees can call support staff or submit a support request with their LightSpeed questions and issues and be assured of receiving expert answers from a trained consultant. This saves you from answering or researching these questions yourself or having to serve as the in-house IT specialist.

Remote Database Access

LightSpeed Pro can access your database remotely upon request and troubleshoot or analyze issues when they occur.

* Please Note: Optional LightSpeed Pro modules such as LightSpeed Pro eCommerce are not included in the upgrades program. Updates to LightSpeed Pro Mobile and LightSpeed Pro for iPad are available for free from the App Store. A Maintenance Plan is not required in order to access these free downloads, however, it is important to note that LightSpeed Pro for iPad and LightSpeed Pro Mobile may not be backward compatible with older versions of LightSpeed Pro for Mac. We recommend that you subscribe to our Maintenance Plan in order to access the latest updates to LightSpeed Pro for Mac and ensure compatibility.

Purchase a LightSpeed Pro Maintenance Plan



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