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The LightSpeed Pro API opens up the LightSpeed Pro platform to developers and enterprising retailers, allowing the world's most innovative retail stores to take their LightSpeed Pro solutions to all-new destinations.

Whether it's a custom loyalty program, a third party eCommerce plugin, integration with a backend ERP system, or a mobile sales dashboard, the LightSpeed Pro API opens up the world of LightSpeed Pro to the needs and creative vision of your business. While our developers are hard at work building the core of the LightSpeed Pro engine and expanding its popular front-end interfaces, we invite customers to build out the custom tools needed to take your stores to the next level.

The LightSpeed Pro API is based on web services, and leverages the power of LightSpeed Server and offers access to the same framework used by the POS screen and LightSpeed Pro Mobile. And licensing is non-restrictive. Pay no royalties on apps you build or distribute.

LightSpeed Developer Exchange

LightSpeed Developer Exchange (LDX) is a membership program that grants access to the developer program and website. It allows you to register your program with LightSpeed, communicate with fellow developers and receive tech help from our development team.

To join the LightSpeed Developer Exchange, please contact LightSpeed Sales.

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