LightSpeed Cloud Mobile – Simple Sales on your iPhone and iPod Touch

We’re excited to announce our release of the latest version of the LightSpeed Cloud Point of Sale App for iOS. The LightSpeed Cloud Mobile Sales App< allows you to conduct simple sales with your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can add items by scanning barcodes using the built-in camera or by searching by keyword. Additionally you can look-up current stock-levels for any item in your inventory, connect sales to existing customers or add new customers all from the app. We've kept it simple to make sure it works quickly and easily and we'll continue to improve the App as time goes on.

If you weren’t aware that we had an “app” don’t feel bad – we kept it pretty quiet while we learned what people wanted from an app and how we could improve it. The new release addresses many of the most common suggestions we heard – and a few bugs as well.

A note on credit card processing

The initial version was only able to support credit card processing via InnerFence (another iOS application) from MerchantWare’s gateway. InnerFence has now added support for Element Payment Systems and offers a free credit card swiper with new accounts. It’s also worth noting that InnerFence offers special pricing for LightSpeed Cloud customers.

PayPal Here

We’ve also added support for PayPal Here, a service similar to Square that allows you to collect credit card charges as well as PayPal payments via your mobile device. Simply install the PayPal Here app, follow the signup steps and you’ll get a free credit card reader in the mail.

Features & Fixes in 1.1

Here’s what we addressed in this latest release of the LightSpeed Cloud Mobile Sale App for iOS.

  • PayPal Here Integration – accept credit cards and PayPal easily
  • You can now search items by UPC
  • You can now see stock details in Item Detail view
  • Easier selection of which payment type goes with InnerFence (and now PayPal Here)
  • Add & edit customers – change name, email address and phone number
  • Small tweaks to the “search” (add items to sale with fewer touches)
  • Won’t display blank sales (sales without a customer or any items)
  • Properly sets TaxClass on Sales (items without sale tax or different sale tax than the default will properly reflect the correct tax rate)
  • Works well with accounts with a large number of customers (previously caused crashes)
  • Search all customers (previously limited to a small subset of customers within a LightSpeed Cloud account)


We’d love to hear from you on what you’d like to see added and improved in our mobile app. We’ve created a specific channel on our Feedback site to collect your input on our iOS app.

13 thoughts on “LightSpeed Cloud Mobile – Simple Sales on your iPhone and iPod Touch

  1. I would love to be able to see payments received in a real-time fashion on the app. Right now I have to view numbers through safari and its not always compatible.

  2. We have been waiting for this and cannot wait to get rid of Square!

  3. BUT we need the app to work with iPads and Androids.

    Is this in development?

  4. aaron said...

    i just downloaded this application and none of my items register if I scan them. UPC, System ID or Vendor ID all do not work; the only thing that works is typing the description and that makes this app worthless… Please advise. Is this not compatible with the iPad?

  5. It should work on the iPad (it may not be pretty since it’s only sized for iPod Touch/iPhone). Contact our Support Team ( and they’ll work with you on getting the App going.

  6. Hi Chris –

    We’re working on improving the core (web-based) app to work on iPads (and other tablets) and may do an iPad specific app but it won’t be a part of this application specifically.

    We don’t have any plans for an Android-specific app at this time.

  7. This app will stay focused on Sales only but we will be introducing a separate mobile-compatible dashboard view in the future.

  8. Shannon M said...

    I was told several times by your support people that your app won’t work on iPad at all, I am aware that the app is meant to work on iPhone but I believe you can also expand its size (basically doubling the pixels and making it less pretty).

    So my question is will the app work with innerfence on the iPad?

  9. I’ll be honest that I haven’t tried it using our iOS app with InnerFence on the iPad but I can’t think of any reason it wouldn’t work.

  10. Shannon M said...


    I read somewhere that using the card reader would prevent the use of the on screen keyboard and prevent charging via usb so without confirmation that this is or isn’t a problem I can’t feasibility go for the ipad as much as I’d prefer android (which Innerfence supports but not MOS as of yet).

  11. Using a regular USB card reader on the iPad (via Apple’s camera connection kit adapter) will definitely cause trouble with the on-screen keyboard but using one of InnerFence’s scanners won’t cause any issues with the keyboard popping up. InnerFence does offer a mini-jack (headphone jack) style swiper that doesn’t block the power adapter plug.

    We don’t have any immediate plans to build an Android App but we’re definitely working on making our web-app more equal-opportunity as far platform support.

  12. David Lewin said...

    I used to get my store sales info on my iPhone. Now with so called light speed I can’t even get to the Merchantos login page. Best not change it on the computer.

  13. Kerry Tarullo said...

    Hi David, I’m not sure what you mean, if you want to contact our support team, they can help you with this or point you in the right direction. 866-932-1801


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