5 Tips to Make Your Business a Success

In today’s economy, it’s crucial for your business to stand out among the competition. Here are five tips that will bring success to your retail shop. 

1. Customer Service is Key! One of the main reasons consumers are shopping in stores as opposed to online is for the extra level of in-person service not available on the web. And with online rating websites like Yelp, a little bit of good (or bad) customer service goes a long away in people’s minds. Treat customers like a pro and remind them that the level of service they receive in your store is their reason to keep coming back.

2. Use the Best Signs and Displays to bring in the customers. According to Entrepreneurstorefront signs and displays are the best way to grab customers as they walk by your store and tell them there’s a reason they must go inside your store. Key words like sale, discount and last-chance are motivation and action words that draw crowds not wanting to miss a bargain.

3. Stay current on trends. It’s important to know the latest fads and what people are buying. But on the flip side, it’s also important to know your customer and not try to entice them with a trend that they clearly won’t  benefit from. Entrepreneur encourages business owners to ask the key questions: Will it sell in your store? Does it fit your theme? If the answer is “no,” then it’s best to leave that trend by the wayside.

4. Draw Them In (and Keep Them Coming). Once your display signs and banners bring the shoppers in, what’s next once they’re inside? Place the deep discount items at the back of the store so the customers have to walk by all the regularly-priced items first. Keep a theme in mind when stocking your shelves. Having dozens of options and items may be very cool, but it can also be overwhelming to the buyer.

5. Location, Location, Location. If you already have a shop, you’re probably not looking to move right away. But for those of you just getting started, be sure to put research and thought into the location you select to start up a retail shop. Go to where your customers are. If you’re selling to teenagers, a mall may be a better bet than a small shopping center in a suburban community. And if you opt for the mall route, pay attention to the stores around you. You don’t want to sell beauty products at the end of the shopping center that contains mostly men’s interests.

Today’s economy and the age of the internet are tough. But retailers are thriving because they are following the right steps to be successful. Knowing how to market to customers, provide quality service, and knowing your audience are three of the best lessons you can learn as you run your business.

2 thoughts on “5 Tips to Make Your Business a Success

  1. Customer service right where it should be #1.

  2. Signs that include your social media addresses are critical to gaining new followers and return visits. It is easier and cheaper to retain customers than to create or gain new customers.



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