Santa’s Tips to Increase Your Holiday Marketing Efforts

Get out the tree, hang the stockings, and display the twinkling lights! The Christmas shopping season is upon us and there’s no better time to increase your marketing efforts. The National Retail Federation (NFR) predicts that holiday sales will increase 4.1 percent this year to $586.1 billion this season. In order for your business to make the most of this year’s holiday market, here are Santa’s tips for increasing your marketing efforts this holiday season. 

Holiday Deals
Shoppers love a great deal and the holiday season is a great way to offer a variety of discounts that may actually increase sales in the long-run. Strategies such as “buy one, get one free” or “save 20%” go a long way with shoppers trying to find the best deals. Be sure to create compelling window and display signs that assure customers will see these great discounts.

Gift Bundling
Use the holiday season to bundle gifts together in pretty packaging or baskets. Wrap the entire package in festive paper or a silver ribbon for a touch of holiday cheer. Packaging gifts together is a great way to help shoppers feel they’re getting more for their money.

Send the Greeting Cards
It’s easy to send customers a personalized greeting card with the multitude of online and local printing houses available. Of course, if your business prefers to stay green, send an ecard or personalized holiday email. Take just a few minutes – and a few written words – to tell customers how much you appreciate them.

If your business is not just about the bottom line, use the holiday season as a time to show your commitment to giving back. Pick a cause or charity and send employees to volunteer on company time. Volunteering is a great way to give back to a community organization, and it helps you market your brand at the same time.

Use Your Newsletters
Don’t forget to use your email marketing strategy during the holiday season. Take the opportunity to show off special deals, new products, or discounts. And while you don’t want to over-market to customers, don’t simply send one enewsletter the first week of December and forget about it. Keep marketing until Christmas Eve to catch those last-minute shoppers.

Social Media
Make sure you get festive on Facebook, Twitter and your other social media sites. Use these networks to ask questions to fans about holiday plans. Promote special one-day deals to Facebook followers. And post photos of your decorated store.

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