The Benefits of Guest Blogging

Most business owners and marketers understand that having a blog is a great way to increase reach. Blogs are SEO friendly and the content can easily be shared and curated across multiple online platforms. Another way to expand your blog’s reach is by welcoming guest bloggers to your site. But how does inviting a guest blogger to post on your website benefit your business? Here are five reasons guest blogging will bring you increased traffic and help build better relationships.  

Increased Reach
By inviting another blogger to write a post for your website (particularly a blogger that is known in a given field), you are now increasing the reach of your blog to all the guest blogger’s followers and fans. The guest writer will bring traffic with her, and as such, bring a host of new readers and potential customers to your business.

Build Relationships
Guest blogging is a great way to build strong and prosperous relationships with other business professionals. This helps your company in a number of ways as these relationships may lead to business opportunities, connections, new clients, and referrals.

Increased Search Traffic
When you invite a guest blogger to your website, you should include his bio and links back to his website or blog. Linking is what controls the internet. The more inbound links you have to your website, the better your SEO results will be. While it takes time to build up the number of inbound links you have, guest blogging is a great way to jump-start that efforts. And not only should you invite guest bloggers to your site, ask for the favor to be returned so you can guest blog on another website.

Opportunity to Interact with Commenters
A well-written and thought-provoking blog post will likely yield several comments from readers. Make the time to interact with the people leaving a comment by replying back to their thought. Invite the individual to look around your website. This is a great opportunity to interact with a host of new visitors that may find added value on your blog.

Align Your Business with Industry Experts
By inviting industry experts to guest blog on your website, you are strategically aligning your company with the people who are highly sought after and respected within a defined community.  Your association with that individual brings a sense of credibility to your brand as well.

If your business has a blog, start researching individuals and fellow bloggers who will make great guest writers for your site. Look to bloggers that are experts and have a deep reach. Not only will you be gaining valuable content and new traffic for your blog, you will build business relationships that otherwise may not be easy to form.

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  1. hippo lau said...

    maybe you should explain what “SEO friendly” means so that people who would want to take you advice (non-computer literate like me) will understand what you mean.


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