In Pursuit of LightSpeed’s Galactic Media Emperor

LightSpeed is looking for that special person to take the reins of our social media presence. While we’re not total newbies at using the tools of the trade we’re finding ourselves way too entrenched in building a great product and helping our awesome customers. We need someone  to help share our story with current and (hopefully) future customers.

What are we doing now? Well, we have fairly active Twitter and Facebook accounts, two blogs (LightSpeed Blog and Retail Easy), we’ve got lots of cool people that have all kinds of funny, smart and clever things to say (the conversations in our in-house Hipchat are fascinating) and our customers have all kinds of nice things to say about us as well (admittedly, we could probably do more with all the nice things they say about us).

So… if you think you’ve got what it takes to help build the LightSpeed Galactic Media Empire drop us an email at and tell us what your grand plan to make us into a social media darling would look like. This your chance to wow us so take your time, be creative and do something to get our attention (ie: paper mache, collage, interpretive dance). We’ll keep on the lookout for your awesome ideas until the Monday after Thanksgiving and if your idea peaks our interest we’ll drop you a line.

We would love for you to be based in our Olympia, Washington office but if you think that you can keep up with our company culture without being here (trust us, you’re missing out) feel free to tell us how you’d do that in your plan as well.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below and we’ll respond so everyone can see the discussion (look at us using those crazy social-media tools).

8 thoughts on “In Pursuit of LightSpeed’s Galactic Media Emperor

  1. RR said...

    I happen to know firsthand that this is an amazing job, a great company, and a fantastic group of people to work with. Whoever lands this one is in for the time of their life!

  2. Jessey Squire said...

    This company looks like somewhere that would be fun to work. I sent in my resume and FYI I don’t need it I would just like to be part of something I can believe in. I’m simple like that. Or maybe it’s the fact that my family has owned a small business for 50 years and is still using the same old system of paper and pen. They could use something like this so much!!!

  3. Evangeline said...


    Your first step in becoming a social media darling is to use a style guide and copyedit your posts a little better. “We’ve got lots of cool people that…” should be “we’ve got lots of cool people who.” It’s not “you’re grand plan,” it’s “your grand plan.” It’s not “your missing out,” it’s “you’re missing out.” It’s not “look-out,” it’s “lookout”. It’s not “social-media,” it’s “social media.” There should also be a period between “our customers have all kinds of nice things to say about us as well” and “admittedly, we could probably do more with all the nice things they say about us.”

    Everyone has to generate a lot of online content these days in order to market themselves, so a few typos are going to sneak through here and there. But that’s no excuse to get sloppy, and six usage errors are quite a few for a 300 word post.

  4. Hey, when are you looking to fill this position?

  5. Ouch. Yes, you’re totally right, and that’s why we’re looking for someone to help us out. :)

  6. We’re not in any hurry. We won’t make any decisions until after Thanksgiving as mentioned above and we won’t hire unless we find the right person for the job.

  7. As a member of the Rebel Alliance, I don’t know that I could align myself with the Galactic Empire. However, since social media is all about engaging citizens and submitting them to dazzling propaganda, perhaps I can do my best to turn the Empire around and make it into something everyone wants to be a part of. I’ll be sending in my resume soon.

    The only question I have off the top of my head is what is the salary/benefits package for this position?

    Thanks guys!

  8. We offer all our employees health coverage, a joint dental/vision reimbursement and flexible sick leave/vacation setup. Salary really depends on experience and our interest in person we think is best for the job.


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