How To: Retail Giftcards

Everything you ever wanted to know about gift cards

One thing that many retailers offer is gift cards or gift certificates, but you may not be sure how to do this in LightSpeed Cloud. We’ve seen a few original methods that our customers have tried, and while some are very creative, they ultimately do not work out. So how can you, as a LightSpeed Cloud customer, get in on the gift card craze? We have a handy-dandy point of sale software module that we can add on to your account, totally free of charge: the Gift Card Module! Okay, the name is a bit anticlimactic, but this module’s convenience and functionality more than make up for that.

Learn all about Gift Cards in LightSpeed Cloud Help →

12 thoughts on “How To: Retail Giftcards

  1. We just started using MerchantOS’s gift card module, and couldn’t be happier! Wish we could have done something like this a long time ago. We had been using the gift card service through our credit card merchant services provider. Don’t get sucked into this! They were a complete nightmare. The gift card processing was actually done by a third party partner of the merchant services provider. If you think it’s a headache dealing with the customer service of your merchant services company, try dealing with them trying to work out issues with a third party! Then, we recently switched merchant services providers. The third party that was handling the gift cards was FirstData. Our new merchant services provider is FirstData. We said, “Great, so you can continue processing our old gift cards!” Um no, sorry, guess again…

    And FirstData refused to provide us with the data on the outstanding old cards to let us migrate them. So, we have to keep an old terminal in the store to continue having FirstData process the old gift cards. What a bunch of retards.

    At least going forward with the MerchantOS gift cards, we have easy access to the information any time, and the actual selling and redeeming of gift cards is much easier.

  2. Ouch, that does sound like a massive headache. Actually, it sounds like several headaches at once.
    Rest assured that with MerchantOS, even if you close your account, we can provide you with those outstanding gift card balances. You can also freely export a spreadsheet of all active gift cards and their balances to Excel at any time, using the Excel export button under the Gift Cards button of the Customers tab.

  3. Could be difficult to find competent persons about this matter, you sound like you no doubt know exactly what you are sharing! With thanks

  4. Thanks Diana! Everyone here on our Support team is well-versed in our gift card system and are ready to answer any questions you might have.

  5. We’ve simply used the ‘make deposit’ feature, given the customer a paper receipt(with scannable barcode) along with a bumper sticker and a nice card in lieu of doing gift cards. What’s the difference?

  6. The biggest difference is being able to track your Gift Card sales more easily in your Reports. If you use a deposit in lieu of a gift card, the customer will still be able to use that balance later on, but you won’t be able to distinguish that sale from any other deposit (like someone finishing off a layaway) as easily as if it were a Gift Card; using actual Gift Cards will show up in your Reports as a separate Payment Type.

  7. Aggie Mae' Bakery said...

    Are there any processing fee’s such as percent per sale or swipe fee’s etc.

  8. There are no processing fees or any sort of extra fees at all with our gift card module. The only thing you’ll need to pay for is the actual gift cards themselves: getting the module on your account is free and it is free to use permanently.

  9. Robert said...

    It’s a great service, and nothing makes your store look more professional than a solid plastic card with your logo on it, sitting by your register. It’s the small things like that, which can set your store apart from your competitors.

  10. Katie Walker said...

    My son has a retail store in Boston using MerchantOS and they need some in store training can you provide that? Gift cards, discounting, etc. Thanks

  11. We don’t offer in-store training but we’re always happy to schedule an over the phone training. We can even setup a remote session on a computer so we can walk trainees through step by step.

  12. EDIT: Luke ninja’d me on this one, but here’s some further detail.

    Katie, have them contact us via this page:

    We can either set them up with a webinar session (a demo of MerchantOS with a Q&A session after), or we can answer specific questions that they have about our system, such as Gift Cards, Discounts, etc, one on one.
    We can’t train all their staff, but we can help get one person up to speed, and have them act as the “point-person” so to speak; they can be the one who knows the system, trains the rest of the staff, and gets ahold of MerchantOS with any questions that arise. Lots of businesses have used this method very successfully!


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