MerchantOS is Going LightSpeed


We're excited to announce that MerchantOS has merged with LightSpeed Retail!

Everyone from MerchantOS is looking forward to focusing on improving the point of sale system, upholding our values and maintaining our commitment to you, our customers. The MerchantOS product and team will be right here, with a new name — LightSpeed Cloud.

Your product and price will stay the same. If you decide to change your plan you’ll be switched to our new pricing. Over the next few months we’ll transition all customers to our new user interface. Not to worry — we’ll give you the opportunity to review the new interface before you switch over. We’re sure you’ll like what you’ll see.

We’ve always had big ideas and lofty goals and have been working toward building a product that’s loved and will be used by hundreds of thousands of retailers worldwide. Working together with LightSpeed creates a clearer path towards our vision and goals. Their design centered culture, experienced sales team and strong leadership has what it takes to steer us towards greater success than we could have achieved on our own. The opportunity in merging our organizations was overwhelming.

Today we’re excited to be releasing LightSpeed Cloud. Our new user interface gives you the ability to run your store from an iPad without the need for a desktop computer. Our combined teams have contributed to create a dramatically improved user experience on any device.

All of us at LightSpeed Retail are committed to investing in LightSpeed Cloud. Over the coming months we’ll be expanding our development and operations teams. Our expanded team will be capable of tackling the challenge of creating an amazing point of sale at a pace and quality we’ve always dreamt of.

We sincerely thank you for being a customer — you’ve helped make our dreams possible. Without your support and belief in us we wouldn’t be here today. We want to repay you by creating an amazing retail experience.

Thank You!

Ivan & Justin
MerchantOS Co-founders and proud members of the LightSpeed team.

We welcome your comments or questions about the transition on our blog. We'll host a live Q&A next Wednesday, July 30th, at 8:30am PDT / 11:30am EDT.

About LightSpeed Cloud

Our mission is to provide you with a point of sale that is painless to setup, easy to use and indispensably awesome.

A brief history

In 2002, Ivan Stanojevic created an application to track inventory and sales for a bike shop in San Jose, California. In 2003, Justin Laing started helping Ivan with his application with a vision to take it to the cloud. In 2004, Justin Laing and Ivan Stanojevic founded MerchantOS. They built their cloud-based point of sale system and company from the ground up, eventually becoming a leader in the industry.

Before long, more and more bike shops signed up for MerchantOS and by early 2007 there were 100 customers. By the time 2007 came to a close, there were 276 customers. But not all of them were bike shops. MerchantOS had become a leading choice of small and medium sized retailers across a wide range of markets, and customers just kept signing up.

Fast forward to 2013 — with over 2,400 businesses using our software — we've become a proud member of the LightSpeed family.


Will my subscription price change?

Prices for existing customers won't change. Pay the same price you pay today for as long as you remain on your existing plan.

What's changing about the software?

Eventually, all customers will get our new user interface — with all the same functionality you're accustomed to. And, you can look forward to more great improvements in the future.

Will Support change?

You'll get the same awesome support you've always gotten from us in Olympia, Washington. Maybe even better.

Can I use LightSpeed Pro with LightSpeed Cloud?

LightSpeed Pro and LightSpeed Cloud are not integrated products.

What's up with the original team at MerchantOS?

The staff remains the same. No jobs were lost as part of the changes.