This is a guest post by the team at Swarm.

Plug Into the Matrix: Run Your Store More Efficiently with Merchant OS and Swarm

Smartphones, cloud computing, websites devoted to cat videos. Wouldn’t it be great if this whiz-bang technology could help you run your store more efficiently? Imagine getting real answers to questions like:

  • How many people came into my store today? This week? Last month?
  • Which customers spend the most? How can I get them in the store more often?
  • Are my promotion and marketing activities really working?
  • How effective are my managers and sales associates?

Enter Swarm. About a year ago, we set off to create a product that enabled store owners to:

  1. Measure customer foot traffic, conversion rates, dwell time, loyalty and individual shopper activity
  2. Access this data at any time, from any device, in a beautiful interface
  3. Easily search, sort and send promotions to your best customers

Most importantly we wanted to offer these solutions in a low cost, easy-to-use product.

After months of rigorous testing with beta customers, late nights and gallons of truly questionable coffee, we arrived at a solution. So what is it?

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 12.53.56 PM

Swarm is

  • A Wi-Fi device (about the size of a deck of cards) that plugs in anywhere in your store. It anonymously picks up the signal from smartphones to give you an accurate count of store traffic and shoppers (over 90% accuracy and increasing by the day)
  • Mobile, tablet and desktop-optimized dashboard that consolidates your store’s most important data in one place – including your MerchantOS transaction data.
  • Set of basic email-marketing integrations that let you easily identify and message your best customers to get them back in the store.

The feedback so far has been outstanding. Store owners are able to make decisions about staffing, promotions and marketing on the fly, based on real data and see those results in real-time.

Here’s what an existing MerchantOS and Swarm customer had to say:

“Whether it’s with product or staffing, this will impact the way I run my business. All the information I need is right there and the dashboard couldn’t be easier. The lifeblood of my store is at my finger tips.”

Sam Radakovich, Lakeside Bicycles

And why did we choose to integrate with MerchantOS first? The dedication MerchantOS has to their customers, great technology and totally awesome team made it a no-brainer.

To kick off this integration, Swarm is offering free account sign-ups exclusively to MerchantOS customers for the next 30 days. Click through our super special link to get started. After that, someone from Swarm’s account team will reach out to coordinate next steps.

Helping you reduce cost and generate more revenue with MerchantOS is just the beginning.

Here’s to the future! - The entire team at Swarm