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  • Retail Round-Up: How Successful Retailers Implement New Technology While Sears Lags Behind

    What will a Saturday afternoon spent browsing your local High Street (the UK equivalent to Main Street) look like in the near future? Kind of the same as today, but with a high-tech twist. The BBC looks at some technologies already in the works, like video recognition, robotic assistants and digital changing rooms that will help keep in-person shopping relevant to an increasingly convenience-hungry population. (BBC)

    Forward-thinking luxury retailer Neiman Marcus is extending its digital footprint with the recent acquisition of shopping site MyTheresa. This digital expansion is coupled with news that they are also expanding their brick-and-mortar business with a new Manhattan store due to open in 2018. (

    Good news for physical stores selling electronic goods—looks like consumers prefer to shop for gadgets offline. Many shoppers get the best deals by “mob-aisling”, i.e. using mobile to search for better prices or specs while they’re in the store. (MediaPost)

    Sears is hemorrhaging money, and some think the company will close its doors as soon as 2016. It seems that their attempts to turn things around have been unsuccessful, and there isn’t much hope for improvement. (Forbes)



  • LightSpeed Closes $35 Million in Funding to Fuel Expansion

    It’s been a really crazy year here at LightSpeed.

    We introduced LightSpeed Cloud, our web-based POS solution; Web Store for Cloud, which makes it easy for brick-and-mortar retailers to grow their business online; LightSpeed Cloud for iPad, a streamlined sales tools that drastically improves the customer experience; and Advanced Reporting, a cloud-based retail analytics suite, for both LightSpeed Pro and LightSpeed Cloud.

    And this week we reached a major milestone, with 20,000 stores, in 30 countries, now using LightSpeed to build and manage their retail businesses! A huge number of stores, and a huge vote of confidence from you, our amazing customers.

    To help us continue developing and getting the best tools in the hands of independent business owners, we’ve finalized a new investment round of $35 million.

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  • Thank You

    As a company with a decade of history building tools for retailers, we’ve had a lot of milestones. We launched the first iPad point of sale. We’ve expanded from our home in Montréal to offices in Ottawa, New York, Santa Cruz, and Olympia. We’ve moved from being a Mac-only company to having dedicated iOS apps and a fully-featured web-based POS with LightSpeed Cloud.

    All of these milestones have been reached because of you – the discerning, passionate retailers who use our products to run your businesses every day. And as of this month, there are now over 20,000 stores with LightSpeed at their core.

    It’s an incredible number. But it isn’t nearly as incredible as everything we’ve seen all of you accomplish, nor as incredible as having had the privilege to be a part of it. We couldn’t have done any of this without you.

    Thank you, so much.

  • Retail Round-Up: Consumer Data Breaches Are Still A Major Concern; Will This Affect Our Trust of Apple Pay?

    Consumers can rest assured that Apple’s latest innovation—Apple Pay—is secure. But will they still trust it? Due to some recent bad press regarding Apple’s cloud services, many people might take a wait-and-see approach. (Forbes)

    Target isn’t the only major retailer struggling with a massive breach of customer data—other companies like Home Depot are dealing with this enormous threat. Hackers are honing their skills, and retailers are vulnerable. (Washington Post)

    For digital strategy inspiration, look at what Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Sears are doing to stay ahead of the department store game. They rank at the top for combining traditional retail campaigns with effective digital strategies. (ADWEEK)

    In the U.S, many malls are losing business, in part due to new consumer demands. It seems “mall culture” might be dying out, and new businesses are occupying the vacant shopping centers. (National Public Radio)

    Unsurprisingly, cleanliness is a major factor for consumers when evaluating a grocery store. A swift checkout experience, dedicated baggers, and mobile checkout are also top factors. (UT San Diego)


  • Getting Ready for the Holidays: 5 Things to Think About Today

    While most people still have back-to-school on their minds, smart retailers are already looking ahead to the all-important winter holiday season. To help you prepare, we’ve put together a three part series on how to maximize revenue and make the most of the November-December rush.

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  • A Cleaner Look for LightSpeed Cloud

    We consider LightSpeed Cloud a product created not only by our own designers and engineers, but also the thousands of retailers who use it to run their business every single day.

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  • Apple Pay: What it is, and why it’s great news for independent retailers

    Paying for things with your smartphone is not a new concept. In some countries, people have been paying with their flip phones for a while already, and Google tried – and failed – to take the concept mainstream in North America with Google Wallet.

    But as Apple said to their audience at their keynote on Tuesday, “Where others perceive the first as valuable, you value the first thing that actually matters.” Apple has a tendency of nailing the execution required to take fringe concepts mainstream. It’s done so with digital music, smartphones, and tablet computers. And this week, Apple announced Apple Pay – their take on improving how people pay for things.

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  • Vape Shops: The Fast-Spreading Trend Where Service is Key

    It’s hard to miss them these days. “E-cigs” or “vaporizers” are everywhere. “E-juice”, a new alternative to tobacco, is quickly becoming a popular product for those who want to quit smoking, and among hobbyists who have become vaping aficionados. The trend has incited an explosion of new retail businesses. Vape shops – stores that sell e-juice and vaporizers – have been mushrooming all over the world in mere months.

    In the U.S, e-cigarette sales are expected to top upwards of $1 billion dollars. While business is booming, new vape shops will have to face some form of government regulation or even bans in the near future. Despite still looming laws, virtual and physical stores keep opening, but brick-and-mortar outlets offer service that online competitors just can’t beat.

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  • Retail Round-Up: Frank & Oak’s eCom Strategy will Fuel their Physical Stores’ Growth, and More on Omni-Channel Success

    Start-up retailers rooted in e-commerce, such as Frank & Oak, are seeing their nimble strategies pay off. The menswear company has just raised $15 million, and will continue to open pop-ups shops and small Frank&Oak-branded brick-and-mortar locations. (Wall Street Journal)

    While “showrooming” is a concern for many retailers, they can rest assured that “web-rooming” – browsing online and then buying in store – is more popular. The trend should be an inspiring push for retailers who need to be visible on all channels with a consistent “omni-channel” approach. (The Washington Post)

    Consumers are raising the bar when it comes to their expectations of Internet shopping. Retailers must absolutely deliver what they promise, or their reputation might seriously be at stake. From refund policies to the ordering lifecycles, consumers are currently unforgiving of delays and hiccups. (National Retail Federation)

    The “fast fashion” trend might be starting to slow down. Some studies are showing that quality over quantity when it comes to clothing purchases is beginning to emerge. This spells good news for brands that sell high-quality items that are intended to be investment pieces, as opposed to low-quality outfits that are only worn once before being thrown out. (Wall Street Journal)

    Attitudes towards conspicuous logos have changed over the past few years. As they were once symbols success, their popularity is dying off – as we’re seeing with the infamous Abercrombie&Fitch. The company will remove its logo from clothing, and will now focus on operational realities as opposed to representing what it means to be a popular teen. (Forbes)


  • 7 Ways A POS Can Help Bike Stores Gear Up For Big Business

    More and more, people in both urban and suburban areas are embracing cycling, and independent bike stores are at the heart of this movement. For years now, we’ve been working with bike shops to help them manage inventory and create more efficient workflows that affect their whole business. Interbike – America’s largest bike trade show – is just around the corner, and we’re excited to meet bike enthusiasts that are passionate about making their businesses thrive.

    If you’re a bicycle retailer looking to install a POS, here are 7 reasons to drop by and visit us at Interbike or start a free trial online:

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